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Tax Day Freebies

It’s tax day tomorrow! I hope you’ve done your taxes. Several businesses are offering freebies tomorrow:

-Cinnabon is offering free cinnabites from 6-8pm.

-Chili’s is offering a free appetizer or dessert today through Wednesday. Check out their facebook page for a coupon to present.

-Seattle’s Best Coffee is offering a free coffee. Print the coffee rebate coupon on their facebook page.

-SONIC is having Happy Hour on drinks all day today. Get your soft drinks and slushes half off.

-Arby’s has free curly fries today. Head to their facebook page to print your coupon.

-Today’s Daily Deal is $29 for a chiropractic consult, exam, report, and therapeutic cervical pillow from HealthSource Chiropractic.

Published on Monday, April 16th, 2012 @ 3:24 pm.

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