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Fun stuff to do this weekend

Tomorrow from 9-4 the UGA Vet school will host their open house. Visit to have a tour of the facility, see large and small animal exhibits, and bring your teddy bear for surgery if needed. Click here for more.

Real Deals in Jefferson will host an Easter egg hunt inside their store Saturday morning at 9am. All ages are welcome, and there is no charge.

Sandy Creek will have a Froggy Spring Fling tomorrow night from 7-9 where you and your (4 year old and up) child can learn about amphibians. $7 for ACC residents, $10 for non-residents. Call 706-613-3615 for more.

Fun at the Fort:
Tomorrow night from 7-9 at Fort Yargo experience one of Georgia’s most picturesque and fascinating historic sites. You will partake in fun antique methods of candle dipping and bread baking in our brick oven, and working with a card loom. $3 plus $5 parking. Call (770) 867-3489 for more.

Today’s daily deal is $29 for a super booster tooth whitening pen from Whitening Lightening. Click here to get yours.

Published on Thursday, April 5th, 2012 @ 6:56 pm.

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