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Movie Deals

After a long week of working do you need a night out for some cinema therapy? How about a night in with a good movie and a cuddle on the couch?

~If you go to the regular movie theater, skip the snacks. Food and drinks at the movie theater are notoriously expensive. If you aren’t the kind to pack a big purse and sneak food in, consider eating before you go so you don’t need to fill up on the goodies. I once read that a large movie popcorn has as much as 1500 calories, so that fact makes it easier for me to forgo.

~Try the discount theater. Georgia Square Mall has a discount theater where all shows are just $1.99. It usually shows movies that have already been at the regular theater but aren’t out on DVD yet. You can find current showtimes on but last time I checked you have to buy your tickets there.

~If you’re looking to rent a movie to take home with you, express rental stations like RedBox are the way to go. You can get codes to use for discount and free rentals at and Most of the codes can only be used once and some can only be used at certain locations but you can check back regularly to see if new codes have been added.  Return the movies the next day to avoid paying for an additional night.

~Go with Netflix. For less than $10 a month you can get movies sent to you in the mail or you can watch them instantly online or on your tv via a gaming device like Wii, Xbox360 or PlayStation3 or with an internet connected blu-ray player. You can also get a free month of Netflix for free when you sign up through their website,

Here’s to a movie night out or at home. Happy savings!

Sunday, Savvy Style

Here are my top picks from today’s Banner Herald:

-Everyone is having back to school sales on clothes. My favorites are JCPenney with graphic tees as low as $5.99, and Kohl’s with school uniforms starting at $11.99. Check the clearance racks at both stores too.

-OfficeMax has wideruled notebooks for just a penny and 24 packs of Crayola crayons for just .20. 4Gb flashdrives are just $7.99.

-Thursday is Dine Out for Kids, supporting the Whatever It Takes initiative. See their website for a list of all the participating restaurants.

-Today’s inserts include a Red Plum and a Smart Source.

Saving on School Supplies

This time of year makes children cringe and parents rejoice: it’s time to go back to school. That means shopping for new back packs, sharp new crayons, shiny new shoes and fancy new calculators. Can you get all of this and still have lunch money left? Here are my top tips to go back to school in style and get an A+ in finances too.

~Wait until the last minute. I know this goes against everything I usually say, but stores have great sales on school supplies just before school starts. Packs of crayons can be as cheap as a quarter at the big name stores. Watch the sale ads to see when what you need will be on sale.

~Don’t forget coupons. posts coupon match ups for the Target sale ads each week, and as usual, Southern Savers posts coupon match ups for several different grocery and drug stores. Check the list to see what’s on sale and where to find a coupon to pair with the sale price.

~Check online. If you need a big ticket item like a nice book bag, the hottest tennis shoes or a specific text book  check websites like ebay,, and You may be able to find a used text book or get a book bag that’s almost identical to the must-have bag at the store for a fraction of the cost.

~Be creative. Let’s say you need a graphing calculator (does anyone use those in the real world?). If your child will only need access to the calculator sometimes, see if they can use a free website like or, which have free graphing calculators. Several smart phones have apps for calculators that can be much cheaper than the $100 models other students might be buying. Check with your child’s teacher to see if they’ll accept these alternate calculation methods.

~Shop for quality. I often advocate buying the store brands, but nothing compares to a good Crayola crayon. When it comes to school supplies, new shoes or clothes, get what looks like it will last all year. A bargain isn’t worth it if you’ll have to replace the item in six weeks.

Happy back to school and happy savings!

Free $10 Real Deals gift card

Stop by Real Deals in Jefferson tomorrow from 1-3 to get a free gift card. Here’s what they have to say:

Real Deals is shooting new commercial footage on Monday August 1st from 1 to 3.  We need your help to pack the store with our friends.  Mention this email between 1 and 3 and receive a $10 gift card.

Mexicali and Free Photo Mug

~Did you see that today’s Daily Deal is $5 for $10 at Mexicali Grille? It’s been too long since I’ve had Nachos Mexicali. Click here to get yours.

~Shutterfly is offering a free photo mug through tomorrow when you use code YFVX-38YN-FHV5-RX8598 at checkout. Use code SHIP30 to get free shipping when you spend $30. Try using the SHIP30 code first if your order comes to $30, then use the mug code.

Vistaprint and Paul Warren Salon deals

~Today’s Daily Deal is $15 for $30 towards any service at Paul Warren Salon. Click here to get yours.

~Now through Wednesday get free shipping at Vistaprint when you spend $50 or more. Take advantage of 50% off invitations, business cards, and address labels too.


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