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Coupon Match-ups

Want to hear a secret? One of the trickiest parts of habitual couponing is figuring out what is on sale and what coupons to pair with the sale.  That’s no secret, as you probably already knew that. The secret is this (whisper voice): it’s all been done for you!

There are entire websites devoted to letting you know what’s on sale at a certain store, and what coupon to use with the sale! We know it’s smart strategy to wait until an item is on sale to use a coupon, but it takes a lot of work and energy to match the sales with our coupons every week. This would require going through the sale papers for your store and the coupons from your inserts to match the sale with a corresponding coupon. Then of course you’d want to scour the internet for any available printable coupons too. That is exhausting! Fortunately these websites are doing all the hard work and we get to benefit from it.

Each week you can check a number of websites to see the coupon match ups at your favorite grocery stores. Some great sites that I check out regularly for match ups include: (only has Publix match ups) (only has Target match ups)

I recommend starting with the Southern Savers site, as it is really user friendly and includes several regional stores that we have here in Athens. Click on the tab for your grocery store and then see everything that’s on sale along with where to find coupons that match each item. Some may be from your inserts or some may be internet printables.  If it seems overwhelming, the Getting Started Guides on the homepage are a great place to start.

When someone else is doing all the legwork it’s even easier to save! Assuming your friends aren’t reading this article, you can make everyone think you’re a money saving genius all on your own. It will be our little secret.

Do you have questions or money saving tips you’d like to share? Email me at Happy savings!

This column was originally printed in Around Athens Deals on 3-25-10

Published on Monday, May 10th, 2010 @ 3:12 pm.

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