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Bulldawg Delivery

Do you know about Bulldawg Delivery? They are amazing, and such a great deal. It’s a restaurant delivery service that will bring you food you order from local restaurants. To all sorority and fraternity members: it’s like the grown up version of having a pledge go pick up the Mexican food you’re craving late-night. Here are the basics.

~Bulldawg Food partners with dozens of local restaurants in Athens and Watkinsville. You order the food and they’ll go pick it up for you.

~To place an order visit or call 706-850-7999 to speak with a rep who can help you. The website has the full menus from each restaurant, and you can click on the items you’d like, customize them (no tomatoes, please), and add special instructions (come to the back door). The website even lets you search restaurants based on name, location, or which are currently open.

~You can pay online via credit or debit card, or you can pay your driver cash when they arrive. Bulldawg is open until 12am on Sundays and at least 2am every other day.

~The website will calculate your delivery time, usually between 30 minutes and an hour. A driver will go to the restaurant, pick up your order, and bring it right to you. How many times have you thought that you’d really like a burger but you don’t want to get out in the rain, or drive in the dark, or quit working long enough to leave?

~Bulldawg will deliver from any of their participating restaurants that are located within six miles of your home or office. The base price is just $2.99 for any restaurant within 3 miles. For restaurants further than 3 miles an additional .80 per mile will be assessed. You are also encouraged to tip your driver. If you pay online you can include your tip in your credit or debit card payment.

~Bulldawg Food also offers gift certificates for your favorite someone. Happy savings!



Published on Thursday, March 15th, 2012 @ 2:59 am.

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